Thursday, June 21, 2012

trying to convince my emotions...

this summer feels like it's going by so slow; i mean so much has happened that i feel like it should be at the very least half over, but honestly, it's just beginning. i guess i should be excited knowing that although this past month and a half has been full of crazy surprises, wonderful accomplishments, and weird changes, and that i still have two and a half months left to go; who knows what wonderfully crazy weird things are going to happen then!? but recently, i've been missing the familiarity of knowing exactly what summer is going to look like before it ever happens. i mean obviously at camp i was continually surprised by what God was teaching me and my campers, but for the most part, i felt like i knew how He was teaching me: through speakers, campers, fellow counselors. now it's all up in the air, i'm still growing through the influence of my friends and my church, but also through not knowing what's coming next. i have been surprised more and more by the ways in which God has empowered me this summer to truly trust in Him and gain confidence in His protection and my abilities. as much as i miss camp...i know i'm exactly where God wants me to be.

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