Thursday, June 28, 2012

inconsistancy: theme of my life right now

alright, so i haven't been doing the best job at posting much this summer, mostly because i've been doing a lot of writing on the side. i know i know, why aren't i sharing it??? well mostly because i'm not ready yet, but someday in the future (whether that be in the next few month or in the next few years) i will be ready to share it, and it will be a wonderfully healing experience for hopefully not just me (but if it is only for me, that would be ok too i guess). anyway, with that in mind, my blog might be all over the place the next couple months. sometimes, there might be posts that make a lot of sense and are thought provoking. other times, there will be post, like this one, that you have to chew on and squint at in order to understand what i'm saying not because it's profound (that rarely happens) but because it's poorly written. hopefully most of the time, there will be posts like the next one about crafty things i'm doing or yummy things i'm eating. goes.

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