Monday, May 7, 2012


i moved in to my new home last tuesday, and as of tomorrow i will have been its resident for a full week. so far, i enjoy the changes. the room feels bigger because of its layout and sitting outside has become my new favorite pass time. i've conjured up so many ideas of how to make this new space feel more and more like home for Camille and i. most recently, i've decided to start a small garden outside our window with sunflowers and african gerber daisies growing inside a pyramid of cinder blocks. unfortunately the cinder blocks that used to be outside in the parking lot have disappeared...but hopefully i'll find some on the side of the road or something otherwise i have no idea where to get some. i have also thought about making a garden out of a pallet; though, the same problem arises: i have no idea where i'd get a pallet from! well, i'll keep looking and keep you updated because there's no way i'm giving up on having a garden.

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