Friday, September 30, 2011

stats and research = stress

this week has been so busy; i've hardly even seen some of my friends! i've taken lots of time to be crafty in order to relieve stress, but this week still piled up. this morning, i knew i needed to get off campus and not worry about anything; so Camille and i decided to go get coffee and take a walk on the sundial bridge between classes. i needed the stress relief but i was also avoiding homework...i am so good at putting off assignments especially when i have other things that need to get done, like getting coffee on national coffee day...anyway, all this to say that finally this evening around eight thirty i found myself with a statistics and research lab (that i was told took some people three hours to complete) due by midnight. this made me quite nervous especially absolutely no bone in my body wanted to be doing it. that is why, when i finally finished the lab at ten forty-five, it was imperative that we celebrate. so Sarah, Amy, Lexi, and i changed our clothes and raced outside to run through the sprinklers. we ran and spun and did cartwheels and played ninja, it was quite a stress reliever. then we came back to Irwin to eat junk food, watch despicable me, and put on princess tattoos. what a great day!

Monday, September 19, 2011


the crazy adventures continue to blow past as this year rolls on. late night runs to taco bell turn into 45 minute drives; homework days turn into hours devoted only to crafting; classes turn into times of prayer and discussion. Recently i've been doing a lot of thinking about who has influenced who i am today and how in the world did i turn into who i am...i guess child development has me thinking overtime. as i look back on my life, especially my early years, all i can do is praise God for being a stable love in my life. now that i'm older i can still see His hand in my life, providing me with people and places and opportunities that remind me how loved i am. God is good!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the whirlwind begins

this year is amazing! God has truly blessed me with a wonderful, supportive community. plus, third floor irwin rocks, and i am so blessed to experience life together with the women who live on this floor.

last weekend we went to a concert and the wonderful Spoon Me frozen yogurt shop, after which we threw bouncy balls off third floor and ran through the sprinklers. then on Tuesday, we had our very first study break. we had a lovely time connecting with one another and hearing about each others week and playing games. then five of us piled into my car and set out with Florence + Machine blasting in search of taco bell.

the rest of the week seems to have flown by in a whirlwind of organized chaos and here it is suddenly the weekend again. so much has happened that it is difficult to reflect back on the week, but one thing that i am continually reminded of everyday is how much God loves me through my dearest friends. i am so thankful for them and the ways that God brought us all together.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

they're here!!!!!

after training for a week and a half and decorating til the wee hours of the morning, our residents have finally showed up and joined our community to make 3rd floor Irwin a true home. i'm so excited for them to begin making Simpson their home and understanding how to keep their unique personalities while still contributing to the community and making it awesome. last night we had our first floor event where we played a name game and made paper flowers so that everyone had a hand in decorating our living room as we begin life together :) here are some pictures of our floor and our first event:

we couldn't paint so we used ripped up paper instead

they're no longer empty :)


yay flowers!

we had a whole Irwin event after


wendy tied up rachel

my letters :)