Monday, May 30, 2011

no whiteboard = no problem: summer edition

Jesus drinks Red Bull. FACT!
saying this might get you smacked
or possibly struck down by lightning.
Jesus will win if you're fighting.
and deep down inside you know that it's true:
Chuck Norris likes his Red Bulls too.
so every one else should get a clue
and drink what all the cool kids do.
when the very first sip lands on your tongue,
thousands of glorious songs should be sung.
a little Natasha Bedingfield, maybe?
there's nothing like shouting "Babies! Babies! Babies!"
so in the morning as you get awesome,
drink it up 'cus you know you want some.
it's the perfect way to begin your day;
Jesus and Red Bull will make sure you don't stray
we learned this from our RA
"it's the newest part of the Simpson Way!"

my dear friend Leeza also happened to be my RA this last year. in an effort to make her days humorous, Amy and i would write the silliest things on her white board. during Christmas break we wrote one and sent it to her on facebook. this is the "summer edition" of that post.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


cinnamon by ron pope = crazy about this song!


"she says she thinks of me as home"


i used to hate the sound of ticking clocks, but as i sit here and listen to my clock tick away, i am reminded that time goes on - no matter what i'm doing or where i'm going, time goes on. i am not the center of the universe. i am not the only person in the world that has things to do, places to go, and people to see. the world does not stop living the moment i go to bed and thank goodness for that. i often wonder what it would be like to know the thoughts and actions of a far away friend, an old acquaintance, or a stranger who is walking along the road as i pass by in my car...where are they going? what are they thinking? are they worried, scared, confused, hurting, happy, excited? what are their stories? how is God working in their lives? when will i see them again?... tick tock tick tock

Friday, May 27, 2011


here is a random list of wonderful things i'm super excited about coming up in the next few weeks:
(note: they are in order of date slash no real order)

1. seeing Leeza
2. possibly seeing Camille and Ian
3. going to camp in 7 days!!!!
4. seeing the DC family
5. the DC dance routine
6. campers finally arriving! YAY!!!
7. GROWTH and lots of it :)
8. turkey burgers. yumm
9. beach = score
10. new music
11. cafe brazil

Thursday, May 26, 2011

thyme for tea - looking forward

Mama Jung and the advanced drama girl seniors from last year, a group of which i was a part, began a new tradition of going out to tea at the most lovely little tea place called Thyme for Tea in Niles, Ca. this year, the senior girls from last year and the senior girls from this year both had the opportunity to go. we enjoyed copious amounts of tea as well as lovely chicken pecan tea sandwiches, cucumber tea sandwiches, as well as various other sandwiches, scones and pastries. the teas are all so delightful and the decor is so dainty and elegantly simple. what i love most about the time is that we get to talk about what comes next for the girls who are getting ready to graduate. those of us who have already been out of high school for a while get a chance to join in this journey of transition with them if even for a few hours and encourage them and love them and remind them that there are others who have gone before them to help their transitions go smoothly. the trip made me all the more excited about being an ra next year. not only did i get to talk to these lovely girls about my passion for building relationships, but we also wandered into a few antique stores flowing with wonderful furniture and decor that my mind began to swim with ideas of how to decorate. i am so excited about what God has in store for me at simpson next year! i can't wait for all the growth and learning.

which brings me to another thing i am quite excited about: CAMP! it's only seven days away and i honestly couldn't be happier. my dear friend Camille's brother Ian knows Jessie who will be working with me this summer (confusing chain of small world-ness, i know) but i am so excited to get to know her. she seems like such a sweet girl who really has a heart for loving God and loving the campers. i am so excited to she how God is going to use her :) i'm also super stoked to see my darling Tiger Lily again. she means so so much to me and all that is camp. last year we were just beginning our friendship, and this year i am so ecstatic to see our friendship will continue to blossom :)

for the first time in a really long time, i am so very excited about the next year ahead of me and what God has in store. YES!

Monday, May 23, 2011


finally, i have a car. i am FREE to go anywhere i want whenever i want!


though i knew i would have to pay for gas, insurance, and the car in general, which, as i understood it, meant that i wouldn't really be able to go anywhere whenever, i'm pretty sure i was at least slightly under this delusion...that is, until i revised my budget for the third time...

i had forgotten about taxes and saving money for the two months of the year that i am without a job and therefore have no income, as well as spending money on contacts, toilet paper, and a gym membership. why is money so yucky?

i understand that being financially on my own is something that is simply part of being an adult (ironically, it's the only part of being an adult i haven't had to deal with since i was four), and i don't mind having to be responsible and fiscal with the money i earn; that's not what bothers me. what does bother me is the fact that because after making all my payments and taking out my savings, i will have hardly any money left to spend on cards, birthdays, or RA dates with my residents. it is going to be kind of difficult for me not to be too generous, but it will all work out just fine i'm sure. God works all things out, and though this year i'll be a little tight on cash, i'll have my car mostly paid off by next may. so here's to a year of hardly eating out and no shopping goes!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

keeping busy to keep from going insane

i don't do well being alone with nothing to do - don't get me wrong, i love being alone when i am painting or ironing or some other such relaxing activity...i also enjoy doing absolutely nothing as long as i'm with people whom i care about, but doing nothing while being alone is generally uncomfortable for me because i start missing those people i'd rather be with.

luckily, i've known this little fact about myself for as long as i can remember; so as the month of may rapidly approached i prepared myself to be busy busy busy. after visiting my grandma for a week, my friends from high school all started coming back from their various colleges, so i planned on as much hang out time as possible. on top of that, i started finding and making decorations for third floor irwin next year. i've also made sure to clean and organize my room as much as i can as i prepare for another wonderful, growth-filled summer at mt. hermon...

and's in the quiet times, when i'm alone with nothing to do, that God reminds me what is important. it is then that He reprimands me for my silly tactics of avoidance because, in reality, those times are breeding grounds for real growth; they are times when i can really process all that He has done in my life so that i can be prepared as He continues to stretch and pull me. oh how excited i am for what He is continuing to do even those times of idle, lonely...silence.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

always counting

living with three different communities has to be one of the hardest elements of college. over the past year (from may to may) i've developed three places that truly feel like home, places where i know i am loved, appreciated, and needed. being a member of these communities is such a blessing to me because building relationships is my passion.

unfortunately, these communities are in three very different locations. no matter where i am, i am missing someone or some group of people who mean the world to me; and yet, the anticipation of counting down the days and hours until i see them again, always builds, is always exciting and full of joy even though it means i have to say goodbye to others that i will miss terribly.


24 days:

106 days:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

let summer commence!

i'm sunburned and wearing tank tops -- summer has begun

and what better way to start the season off than to spend a few days in the warm fresno weather at my GMa's house. getting here was a feat; i almost missed the train; then was delayed on that train for over an hour. but GMa didn't mind because she was "filing her nails and listening to the news" in the car. haha. she is so great :)

GMa's house is always a good place for pictures :)