Saturday, February 19, 2011

i forgot i have asthma

a few weeks ago, my friend Emily and i were interviewed for the ra position here at simpson. we both felt that our interviews went well but waiting to find out who received the positions was horrible, especially after the srd applicants found out whether or not they received their position. Therefore, Emily and i devised a system of me checking the mail in the morning and her checking in the afternoon and then sometimes we'd check together at dinner, but every time the letters weren't there.

then yesterday, Leeza and i were out walking and she wanted to check her mail. i didn't have my key so naturally she started playfully teasing me saying that the letter was there waiting for me and i wouldn't be able to get it because i didn't have me key. we walked into the hallway and there were people standing around waiting for something. i peaked in the small window on the door of the mail room to see Anna and Mark putting the ra letters into the mail boxes. i couldn't believe it. i looked at Leeza who calmly said "go get your key; i'll be here when you get back."

i ran all the way back to the dorm, only to remember while i was standing outside gasping for breathe that one, i have asthma and two, i didn't have my id card so i couldn't get in. i called my roommate Ashley who brought my keys down for me before i quickly walked back to the mail room.

when i arrived there, people were still waiting. finally the door opened and we rushed in to open our mail boxes. there it was, the letter. i pulled it out and left the room. Leeza offered to open it for me and read it to me, but decided that she couldn't. then Emily caught up to us and waited for me to open mine before she'd tell me what hers said; so, i opened the envelope, read the letter, took a deep breath, and said "i got it."

it didn't really hit me right then that i had received the position. it wasn't till i was in my room with my roommate that i went through a roller coaster of emotions. i was excited, then scared, then excited, then i almost cried, and then after composing myself, i felt extremely hungry. so to celebrate we went to Chipotle for dinner. best friday ever!

Monday, February 7, 2011

sunbathing in february

it's the middle of winter, and the weather is oddly warm; so what better thing to do than take a trip to the lake. so we hopped on the car and after driving around for forty five minutes finally found the correct road to take us to whiskey town, but once we arrived, brandy creek beach was closed. we headed back and decided to go to caldwell park and lay out next to the river. it was fantastic!

then the next day, superbowl sunday, Glori and i decided that it was perfect weather for a study time picnic, which resulted in these pictures and very little studying.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gma comes to visit

thursday evening through saturday morning, i had the privilege of seeing my grandma here in Redding. she came up to visit and hang out.

first we went to burrito bandito:

then we hung out in my room:

then we went to the sundial bridge with my friends:

we had such a great time!