Wednesday, October 19, 2011


all summer and into this year i have been obsessed with finding a great vintage window to decorate with. i've gone to yard sale after yard sale, thrift store after thrift store, checking craigslist every weekend to try to find one, but nothing.

this last tuesday, my co-ra amy and i had to go to thrift store to look for hats for our tea party this weekend. i had the whole route we would take all mapped out and i was rather proud of myself for knowing how to get to all of the thrift stores without getting lost. but then i accidentally took a wrong turn so that i was one street over from one of the stores. it's normal for me to get lost so rather than getting upset i saw it as an opportunity to see a new street in redding. luckily there in front of me was an antique store that i had never seen before; so i decided that we should stop in. OH MY GOODNESS - BEST DECISION OF THE DAY! as i was looking around my eye caught the gimps of a white weathered vintage window and i almost hyperventilated; and as i saw another and another i lost it. WHY HAD I NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE!?! not only did they have a window but they had so many wonderful windows that i thought it was impossible to decide which one i would call mine.

until i saw it.
nestled between a bookshelf and a lovely little end table was a three pane white vintage window that was perfectly weathered and perfectly wonderful. sigh. so so great!

hanging in my room :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

things that make waking up easier

1. beautiful weather! i've never liked the view out my window this much :)
2. grocery shopping = coming home with beautiful flowers
3. pumpkin spice lattes are wonderful
4. knowing that it's crepe night with 3rd floor irwin!

Monday, October 10, 2011

columbus day weekend - empty dorm/full days

this weekend was packed full of wonderful crazy things to do.
friday was a day dedicated to hang out time. i took my car to the shop, started a new blanket, and saw a movie with Emily and Lexi at movies 8. it was a day of rest in preparation for the next day...
yard saleing treasures!

saturday was flooded with great things! we woke up earlier than i had all year before then and set out yard sale-ing. we went to sale after sale finding wonderful treasures. one of the sales we went to had two little boys selling lemonade, which was the highlight of the excursion, espicially since i didn't find a window. then after having lunch at in-n-out, we made our way to the women's soccer game looking hot and simpson-fied. it was an epic game even though we didn't win. shortly after the game we took a few of our treasures (two great suitcases and one that Glori already had) and went to Nash's Pumpkin Ranch to take pictures. the ranch was a blast, not to mention beautiful! even if the day had ended there, it would have been wonderful, but that is only some of it. we then bought little ceasar's pizza to enjoy at the sundial bridge. the water flowing beneath the bridge and the stars twinkling and reflecting off the water was so beautiful at night, but we didn't stay long. after dinner, we headed off to spoon me frozen yogurt to see a free concert with chris molitor. finally, we arrived back at home to end the day with a movie. it was simply lovely.
came home from jenna's and saw this on my whiteboard from lexi

sunday was filled with starbucks "studying", the stirring, and movies at jenna's. Emily, Camille, and i decided that studying at starbucks was a good idea, but then we didn't get any homework we went to tacobell, then to church. at church we heard a message about bringing everything to God since He owns it all anyway, which reminded me of the chapter "the blessedness of possessing nothing" by a w tozer in his book the pursuit of God. that chapter changed my whole outlook on what it means to own things. you should read it some time. after church, we were invited to jo's sister jenna's house to watch a movie and eat food. it was all in all a great day.

then Monday (today!) was dedicated mostly to studying for my biology test on wednesday. it's so nice to see that everyone is returning home from the weekend. although my weekend was pretty full, i missed seeing people.

Monday, October 3, 2011

hi, God!

earlier today, i was really frustrated with a friend of mine who didn't say hi to me when we saw each other - i know, it sounds silly now, but at the time it really hurt and as i was folding my laundry and processing (because all great epiphanies seem to come to me while i'm folding laundry or in the shower) i thought about how often i do that to God. i mean, He is in every interaction, every moment but how often do i talk to Him? or even acknowledge His existence? i think about how dirty my nails are more often than i think about His presence in my life -- and how can i even call this life that i'm living "mine"? every moment i live belongs to Him; who am i not to pause to give a few minutes of it back to Him?