Thursday, June 30, 2011

challenged and blessed

JEMS week is always a little tough; there are tons of kids, and changes to our normal schedule kind of make things a bit confusing, but it's one of my favorite weeks. God has blessed me again by putting me with the 1st and 2nd graders and given me a wonderfully behaved group of campers. they are so loving and obedient and fun. i have so enjoyed talking with them about Jesus' "I AM" statements and hearing their young minds solidify this knowledge in their hearts. last year during this time i was so emotionally drained everyday because of my grandpa's health, but God used these kids to minister to me and fill me up with love. this week, i've had a few emotional struggles that have me focusing on my self and my flaws rather than on God's goodness and power to work through me despite my failures. luckily, God has blessed me with a very wise, loving friend who sees right through my walls to the pain that is in my heart. i am so thankful for her and the challenges that she continues to remind me that i am called to.

Monday, June 27, 2011


i want a life so enraptured by God that when people interact with me they know that they know that they matter to the Creator

i want a life that is defined by unfettered, extravagant love

Friday, June 24, 2011

my computer hates me

ever since i got to camp my computer has decided not to work. it keeps restarting itself and flashing the blue screen of death every two minutes! what is it, computer? i know i don't have as much time for you as i normally do, and i know i don't give you as much attention as you are used to, but temper tantrums like this make me wish i had a different computer. let it be known that i am not amused!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

week 2 = yes

this week has started strong. i have six really fantastic sixth graders who have huge hearts for the hurting. they love being silly and goofy and having fun, but they also understand when it's most appropriate to be quiet and let their gentle spirits shine. i'm so thankful for them and the work God is doing in their lives.

Monday, June 20, 2011

two weeks already!??!

week 1
well, it seems i've been at the herm for two weeks already. time went by so fast! during training week, we were constantly on the go with meetings, decorations, and dancing - it was a bit chaotic. until last sunday when the kids finally came (though i guess that was still a little chaotic but now my reason for being here was also here).

for week one, i was paired up with Kricket to lead a "small" group of 18 first and second graders...kind of crazy. to be honest, i wasn't really excited about it... if you remember from last summer, first and second was not always my strong point, but as i prepared for the first Bible study, God began to work in my heart and helped me to focus my attention on the campers rather than my own comfort. the next day, He entrusted 18 little ones into my care, all of whom were wonderful! i had such a great week pouring into them with Kricket. God really used this last week to remind me that my ministry is not about me, my abilities, or my comfort, but it's about His work through me and my willingness to set aside my own insecurities so that He can fill me with His love to be poured out for my campers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

camp starting with a bang

i'm up at camp and it's so good to be back, but this week is long and hard. we have a lot to cover training wise and tons of things to paint and decorate. please pray that God would give me the energy be patient when i'm irritable, love when i'm not annoyed, and serve when i'm tired. thanks

Saturday, June 4, 2011

summer has finally begun's raining

today is the day. i am all packed and ready to go. i am so looking forward to all of the growth that God is going to facilitate through the campers, through my fellow staff, and through me. for most, summer is a time of joyful celebration. for me, it's been a time of preparation for what is ahead. last summer was the perfect transition from high school to college. this summer, perhaps God will work in my life to prepare me further for my ra position next year, or perhaps He'll prepare me for something unforeseen, or perhaps it will be another summer of healing and revival. all i know is that God is going to do big things, in our lives. please pray that God will help me to keep my focus on the campers, that i would remember that camp is about loving them. well, Mount Hermon, here i come. =)

mailing address:

CC Summer Staff
General Delivery
Mount Hermon, Ca 95041

UPS, Fedx, or DHL:
37 Conference Dr
Mount Hermon, Ca 95041

Friday, June 3, 2011

coffee fast

this summer, i'm doing the unthinkable:

giving up coffee.

i know. i know. crazy right? this is coming from miss "i-got-so-excited-about-my-starbucks-gold-card-that-i-celebrated-by-buying-more-coffee," but i have my reasons. one of the biggest reasons is finances. i've dropped so much of my money on coffee this past year it's not even funny. not only that but i've also been staying up late and drinking coffee to sustain myself the next day, which is hazardous to my health and possibly the health of those around me slash riding in my car. so from now on, i will have a coffee drink once a week. goes :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

where am i?

in the past week i've flip flopped back and forth between two communities. it was quite an experience that has left me somewhat emotionally drained and locationally confused.

last sunday, a few of my high school friends and i made the trip up to redding so they could visit bethel while i spent a few hours with Leeza. it was so good to see her and spend time with her at the sundial bridge. i also got to see Jen and Edgar. it was an enjoyable trip, but my poor little emotionally challenged subconscious had a little fuzz of a melt down when it realized that it wasn't staying at simpson.

somewhere in the back of my head i thought that it was just another sunday afternoon that would be followed by a monday of classes, so when i arrived back in the bay, i was so locationally confused. the next day, monday, i met my dear friend Michelle down town for coffee and everyone i saw at first glance was someone from redding. to further complicate matters, Camille, Ian, and their friend Sarah, who i am proud to now call my friend, came down to visit and go to san francisco. suddenly, redding had come to me. we had such a lovely time in sf: we saw a kid throw up at the exploratorium, Dough (aka Ian) and i both bought new shoes at the goodwill on haight street, the three of them had clam chowder bread bowls and i had a cheeseburger at pier 39, and we spent some time at the golden gate park getting hit on by druggies. they left early this morning. once they were gone and i sat in my quiet empty room, i suddenly felt so emotionally exhausted and sad...

so naturally, i began packing for camp to help distract me from my loneliness. this just made me even more sad because i'm not at camp yet, which, personally, i think is silly because i should be excited by the fast approaching camp season.

*sigh* is this what homesickness feels like?