Tuesday, January 25, 2011

birthday weekend

God has blessed me with the most wonderful friends and the most beautiful community. i will never forget this weekend.

thirty minutes before my birthday even began, Glori, Emily, Nicole, Adrianna, and Lexi barged into my room wearing fake pregnant bellies and kidnapped me. We drove for quite a while before the let me out of the car, removed my blindfold to reveal that we were at the sonic in anderson.

when i arrived back home this is what awaited me:

a poster outside my door from Leeza, Camille, and Adrienne

my baby mama themed room

after sleeping the morning away, they blindfolded me again and took me Glori's mom's house where we had the best tostadas ever made. we then took a walk to a creek that ran by her house to take pictures:

party at Glori's house

at the creek

that night i recieved a note from Leeza, Adrienne, and Camille informing me to have my tennis shoes and inhaler ready for our adventure on sunday. luckily they didn't blindfold me on our way to whiskey town falls. it was so great just spending time with them. when we reached the top we enjoyed wonderful bagged lunches that Leeza made.

hike to the falls

our lovely lunches

at the top

Monday, January 24, 2011

love God; love people

finding a church home has not necessarily been easy for me. i have known generally what i wanted, a medium to large sized congregation with multiple generations that love God and provides a variety of ministry opportunities. as a freshman with no car, it can be difficult to find friends with cars who want all the same things in a church that i do and want to go consistently. for a while i had been attending Bethel, but, although i loved it there, i could not see myself making it my church home. therefore, when i came back to Simpson after christmas break, i made it a goal to attend a church with others in my community who could help keep me accountable and encourage me to go.

one night during my first week back, the conversation came up with Leeza who then invited me to go with her, Adrienne, and Camille to the Stirring. i had visited the Stirring once before and knew that generally i liked it (not to mention that i was eager to spend more time with these amazing women); so i was more than willing to visit again.

that sunday night, Nate spoke about the Stirring's vision of love and discipleship in the community. they keep it fairly simple: we love - God, each other, the world, the least - and we make disciples. while he was explaining this concept of how we are here to heal through handing out hot-dogs and loving the community all i could think about was Day Camp.

working at Day Camp this last summer helped me better understanding of my own philosophy of life as a Christ follower. i am for the most part a loving and caring person; i hurt when others hurt; i celebrate when others celebrate...but it wasn't until i met Joe and Heidi that i was able to put that into two simple phrases that strike at the heart of my heart - LOVE GOD; LOVE PEOPLE.

the Stirring's vision fit so well with my own that i have decided to continue going there at least for a few months if not for the rest of my college career. i am so excited to see where God is taking the Stirring, and i want to join Him in that journey. i want to be a part of the love that is being spread to the Redding community through this body of like-minded believers. i want to stir!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

aw Redding, it's good to be back!

today was a fantastic day! Faith and i woke up at five in the morning to head to Redding. she and i were so very excited that the time of the day simply didn't matter; of course, in the car the excitement wore off a little bit. but as we grew closer to Redding my excitement began to rise within me again like bubbles in carbonated soda. when i saw mount shasta, the excitement began to come on a little faster until i saw denny's off the hilltop exit when my excitement exploded from with in me and i began pointing out places to Faith saying "see that denny's; that's my denny's," or "that target over there is my target," and "that mountain; yeah they're going to change its name to marcelina mountain because it's my mountain." to make my excitement even greater, Leeza had text me to tell me that my room would indeed be receiving a new roommate!

after church, i could hardly stand being away for much longer; so i ate my lunch as fast as possible before we headed over to Simpson. when we arrived, Faith and her dad helped me carry my things to my room, then Faith and i went straight to Leeza's room to say hi. oh how great it was to finally see her after what seemed like months away. shortly after Faith met Leeza, she and her parents needed to leave, so naturally i found myself sitting on Leeza's floor talking while she and Wendy made signs for the three new girls who were to arrive on our floor one of whom would be my new roommate. it was then that i began to feel anxious about : what if she and i didn't get along? or what if she went to bed super early? or what if she listened to her music really loud while doing homework? they assured me that everything would be just fine and that i shouldn't worry about it; so i believed them and let myself get excited again.

shortly after my newfound wave of excitement, Marissa informed me that my new roommate decided not to come. i was so sad! but after a while i realized that that was probably for the best because i didn't have any idea what i was going to do with most of my stuff.

i then saw the movie despicable me for the first time and decided that i love that movie. haha

such a roller coaster of emotions, but ultimately a wonderful homecoming!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

dear redding, i'm coming home

i can hardly contain my excitement! i'm going back to my redding home tomorrow! i almost have the same excitement as i had the night before going to simpson for the very first time as a student except this time i'm not nervous. i can't wait to see all of my lovely friends as well as my possible new roommate. this break has been pretty rough; though, it has had it's good moments like the time i got to spend with my grandma, cousins, and friends. this new semester brings new classes, stronger friendships, and new possibilities (not to mention a new fish). who knows what all God has in store :)

dear redding, i'm coming home.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

driving test today

i take my driving test today. i'm not too nervous yet but i think that as the day ticks closer and closer to 1:40pm i will slowly get more and more nervous. if they don't have me back up in a straight line for very long, i would be quite okay with that. i can't back up in a straight line if my life depended on it. also, last night, kurt said that i'm probably going to have to make a three point turn - i haven't practiced a three point turn!!!! he also said that reedley's test is so easy that if i don't pass then i shouldn't be driving. that puts the pressure on a bit especially since i know i'm a good driver but on the country roads people drive a little different so i have to take all of that into account; not to mention the intense fog that has gathered outside! gah. hopefully it will lift in the next three hours. well i'll let you know how it goes.

i took it and it was super easy! i passed =D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


fear                   fear everywhere
trembling with fear
she says it -
those words that makes you indignant and
...it comes
call it:

whatever it is it's there
and you can't stop now
shaking            tense with tremors                     but you don't stop
you can't stop

all you want to know is                    



this morning,

               she yelled at me

i yelled back

Monday, January 3, 2011

a day with the girls

break has been a little rough for me this year. something about being away from my room and routine for this long is a somewhat unsettling and stressful rather than relaxing. luckly, in the midst of the stress, i was able to spend some time with a few girls who mean the world to me. today, Gma and i drove out to fresno to pick up my little cousins Baylee and Jill. i haven't seen them in over a year and they had grown so tall and beautiful. Baylee was just born when i moved to live in walnut creek and now she's eleven and up to my shoulder. Jill is nine now and almost just as tall as Bay. i spent about an hour with them taking photos and jumping on the trampoline before Gma went and picked up our littlest cousin Saphira to join the party. i love these girls so very much and they were such a blessing to my spirit.