Wednesday, October 27, 2010

best weekend since moving - part 3

sunday came along with buckets of rain. i don't know if you know this but there's not much to do in Redding when it's raining. Uncle Ken, Aunt Jewel, and i decided to go to Target, and Barnes and Noble, and Michaels just hanging out and picking up a few things that i needed. eventually we found ourselves down town walking the abandoned streets in the rain. as we walked we stumbled upon an indoor kart racing facility called need 2 speed. it looked like so much fun. adults could drive the karts up to 45mph. the prices were a little high though at 23 dollars a race unless you're a lady who goes on a thursday night :) then it's only 10 dollars. anyway, we eventually made it back to campus and said our goodbyes, which were a little hard, but Jen Irwin was there to give me a hug and remind me of the Irwin mini-retreat.

the retreat was a complete blessing. a small group of us Irwin girls got together at vineyard church to worship, fellowship and eat together. our wonderful RA's and SRD provided us with hand massages, manicures, and great fellowship. then came a wonderful dinner complete with fresh pineapple. i am so thankful to be in a place where i am loved even when i don't always realize it.

best weekend since moving - part 2

after Tiger and Capo headed back to chico, my aunt and uncle arrived and took Emily and me out to dinner at Olive Garden. apparently since i've been gone, they bought a neew-used 2003 honda crv. it took me quite a while to get used to. it was fun to eat with them and hear their silly jokes. while we sat at the table waiting for our food, i balled up my straw wrapper and through it at my uncle; a few moments later my aunt shot her straw wrapper at me and hit me in the neck. i saw that there was one straw left that no one was using so i ripped off the tip of the wrapper and waited for the prime moment to strike. finally our meal came to a close and as we waited for the check with full, happy bellies i picked up the straw and shot the wrapper off in one swift blow. it was beautiful it flew fast past Uncle Ken soaring across the room barely missing a waitress and her tray only to hit a twelve year old boy in the cheek. i burst into laughter with my head on the table as the boy blushed with his father's teasing about a college girl flirting with him.

after dinner, my aunt dropped us off at the mall where we met Eva, Emily S., MiKayla, Sierra, and Katie. we had a great time shopping for warm coats, moccasins, and sales items. i got a brown pea coat, warm fuzzy moccasins, an o'neil tank top, a purple dress, and the most wonderful pair of reversible shorts ever. all in all, it was a good night.

best weekend since moving - part 1

this past weekend was by far the best weekend i've had since moving to Redding. Tiger Lily and Capo came to visit, my aunt and uncle came to visit, and Irwin had a wonderful mini-retreat at Vineyard Church.

once i realized that all of these events were happening in one weekend, friday evening just couldn't come fast enough. i attended my one class at 8 o'clock friday morning not knowing what to do with the rest of my extra time before my beloved friends came so i proceeded to clean the entire dorm room...that should take up a lot of my time right? wrong. our room is barely the size of a normal bedroom and i only live on half of it. this along with my advanced cleaning skills from all of my camp training cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens, and meeting rooms with quick efficiency meant that vacuuming the entire room, cleaning the counters, wiping down the sinks, sanitizing the toilet, and scrubbing the shower along with putting away my laundry only took 45min. i still had all day to wait and the anticipation in my stomach continued to grow. whenever i get stressed or anxious, i have found that it helps to make something or do something to make someone else happy; therefore, i decided to make cookies. my roommate Nicole and i took three hours to cut, bake, and decorate two dozen sugar cookies, during which time we enjoyed talking to each other and anyone else who randomly walked through the kitchen.

finally they arrived to pick me up and we headed over to Freckles house stopping first at the local holiday market to pick up some salad and garlic bread. when we arrived, Freckles greeted us with fresh cooked spaghetti. it was so great to be with people who know me and love me just as i am, people with whom i don't feel the need to prove myself to, people with whom i can talk about any thing with. though the time was short and i didn't have a chance to talk to them about all that has been on my heart recently, the time we spent together watching sixteen episodes of how i met your mother was refreshing just like the rain that poured outside...

Monday, October 18, 2010

looking good, fellas

picture this: it's saturday night after a dance party under a black light - our endorphins are high because we've just been dancing so we want to go do something - anything...not knowing what to do but wanting to do something fun...we suggest a number of awesome ideas such as driving the four hour drive to Santa Cruz in order to get some Farrel's doughnuts and driving the four hours back only to return by 6am, but that's a little unrealistic at the moment because it's parents weekend and we wouldn't want anyone to be too tired the next day to hang out with their parents so instead we decided to go to taco bell and winco to get some food...not as cool but at least we would be off campus. we pull into taco bell's drive through lane only to realize once we were at the window that no one actually wanted anything...what do we do?!? do we just back up? do we pull forward and pretend like we know what we're doing? after an awkward pause with us whispering in the car about this awful issue and the order taker lady saying take your time a couple of times letting us know that she was annoyed with our indecisiveness, i, out of nowhere, yell cinnamon twists! i'll have cinnamon twists! then Emily says and a dr. pepper! we paid and pulled out of there laughing at why we even got in line in the first place. finally we park and enter winco. once inside we realize that it's now sunday therefore it's now Tess' birthday so what do we do? we sing to her as loudly as possible in the middle of winco...duh ;) because of our odd hyperness everyone we pass in winco stops to say happy birthday. then as our two car loads of unsuspecting college girls discuss whether to buy cupcakes or not, a group of guys pose near us as abrocombie models. we burst out laughing then ask them to take a picture with Tess and we video tape them singing to her. on our way out we see this 50 cent mustache dispenser so of course we all bought some and put them on for a small photo shoot. on our way out some guys on their way in complimented, "looking good, fellas!" we arrived back in time to show our RA our newfound facial hair =] what a great college night

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fish sitting


we fish sat our RA's fish alejandro and we couldn't help but make this video.

Friday, October 15, 2010

children see. children do.

my psych professor showed this in class today as an example of observational learning. i thought it held a very powerful message about how children need good role models; not that people will be just like their parents, i of all people disagree with that thought process the most, but parents and other role models in children's live do have a huge impact on kids. i know this to be true because i've seen it; i myself have experienced it. no matter what we do we have an impact on someone because people are always observing us even if they do it subconsciously. the fact of the matter is are we going to let our impact on them be negative or positive....?

let's make our world more like this by being positive examples

Friday, October 8, 2010

the two of us

so Glori and Lexi went to Ashland this evening without Emily and me...that's okay we'll just order pizza. ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010


when i awoke this morning, the weather was actually nice enough for me to put on a sweater, and as i walked outside my dorm into the shocking cold (as shocking as cold can get during early october in redding) with "sleepyhead" playing in my ipod, i was reminded of the beautiful Mount Hermon mornings where i had to go out into the fog wearing shorts and a swimsuit...the nostalgia was overwhelming as i heard birds chirping and leaves rustling. how i miss the santa cruz foggy mist that dissipates just in time for our activities (or at least on the good days). i had forgotten how wonderful layers were and how nice the feeling of toms hugging my feet keeping them snuggly and warm on a cool day rather than sweaty and sticky was. i had forgotten the thrill of the cool air piercing through my burgundy sweater (which Heidi says compliments my hair rather nicely) only to sting my skin in such an odd refreshing manner causing me to smile like a fool as i walk to the caf to enjoy a sarah lee bagel smeared with cream cheese and a cup of coffee, though here it is not in a dixie cup. the only things missing are the smells of the tall redwood trees, the tired but encouraging smiles of my dearest Day Camp family, and the sounds of children excitedly waiting at the gate for us to scream and yell as we run out to greet them. there is no Mrs. Pulmucheck waiting to be awkened, there are no lanyards to start, no songs to sing, no skits to perform; yet somehow in this short moment, fairly empty of the things that most consistently bring me joy, there is a small reminiscent happiness that permiates my body and soul bringing me back to my Mount Hermon home where God's peace and love are so evident, so tangible that i can hardly move for being consumed by i long to be there, but for now i will enjoy being here; i will enjoy my responsibility to community, my responsibility to show this campus God's love as seen in that place in the serene, misty, joyful santa cruz mountains

Sunday, October 3, 2010

redding heat = professors treat us to jamba

so... it was almost 106 degrees outside and i had to go to walking class, not only did i have to go to walking class but i wasn't feeling well either, so of course i thought...i'll just skip today, but i thought better of it and decided to go anyway, which was probably the best decision i had made all day. when i arrived in front of the gym where my class of eight meets every tuesday and thursday, our professor Pam informed me that she was going to treat us to jamba juice and we were going to walk in the mall because it was so hot outside. YES! but the story doesn't end there. while we were walking we went into almost every store so we didn't have to simply walk in circles around the mall. when we walked into american eagle, the salesman asked us what we were doing. upon our response he quickly informed us that we must leave his store because it will mess up the count of customers in and out verses how many actually buy something. Pam was so flustered that we simply walked out of the store and went into jc penny's. i love simpson!