Tuesday, September 28, 2010

most disappointing class

So I’m sitting in Biblical Backgrounds bored out of my mind…this was the class that I was most looking forward to, the class that was going to stimulate my interest toward the Jewish culture and geography in which Christ grew up so that I could better understand his teachings; instead, I’m listening to Dr. Schaffer talk about his various trips to Jerusalem and how once when he walked in Hezekiah’s tunnel the water was up to his armpits. Is this really what I have to sit through? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we have the freedom to study God’s word but it would do the school some good to get a professor who will make it interesting rather than boring us with bird trail after bird trail and cheesy joke after cheesy joke then rushing through all the information because he spent to long describing the pictures from his previous trips…well at least I have Emily and Lexi to keep me somewhat sane

sunflowers and toms shoes

Nova's wedding was beautiful! i was so very merry happy to be a part of the celebration! the ceremony took place in an adorable outside grass amphitheater at Nova's church in willows. above the theater streams of white gossamer fabric formed a lovely canopy beginning from a hanging ring in the center streaming out to the edges of the wooden frame that gave the theater a feeling of transparent walls. from the frame hung various artistic windows some still containing glass others with the glass broken out. her bridesmaids wore different dresses though all of them contained a sunflower yellow to match the flowers in their bouquets. in addition to the yellow dress all of the bridesmaids wore cream toms while the groomsmen wore grey toms. Joe Allen (the Day Camp director) performed the ceremony. Nova had a little struggle getting the ring on Cian's finger but once she succeeded she threw back her arm with a motion that said "yes! i did it!" after they said their vows they had communion together as an act of worship. then they kissed and we were introduced to the new couple of Mr. and Mrs. Cian and Casey Moroso! i so thoroughly enjoyed their wedding that i decided i would like mine to be very similar.

after the wedding we drove to the reception site in the orland fair grounds. the tables were decked out in white table cloths with sunflower center pieces and chips and salsa. for dinner they served us wonderful Mexican fajitas and fruit with cupcakes to follow for dessert. the cupcakes had frosting dipped in chocolate with a raspberry on top and were absolutely delicious. then came the toasts. one from the best man; then one from Tiger Lily. she told of her memory of their Nova and Cian's meeting and how they liked each other from the start. then Bethany (Nova and TL's little sister) stood and read a letter from Nova's best friend Sara who could not be there because she was in China teaching English. when the toasts were over, the bride and groom danced for the first time as a married couple followed by the father-daughter dance to the song "Cinderella" by michael w. smith and the mother-son dance. once these touching moments had come to a close, we hit the dance floor. Nova and Cian did a great job choosing traditional wedding songs as well as hip-hop songs for us to dance to. they only threw in a couple slow songs at which point i went for "a drink" since Breck wasn't there and he's the only guy i've ever danced with. then it was time to say good bye to the happy couple.

it was such a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration. after which we headed back to the church to hang out, watch heavy weights and sleep. what a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

in anticipation for Nova's wedding

this weekend held blessings galore. first of all Freckles and i attended a football game in anderson with some amazing young life leaders (of which Freckles is one). i had felt a little uneasy about going to the game, but once we arrived and began conversing with those there, i soon forgot my apprehension and had a good time talking about Fin getting kicked off the football team on Glee and what some of us want to do in the future and different ways to cover up poop smell (my recommended way is to use "trap-a-crap," an incense oil intended to be sprayed in the toilet before use which blocks odors from ever leaving the water). when the time came for Freckles and i to continue our trip to chico, the director of our young life division asked me to consider and pray about becoming a young life leader. to be honest, i was shocked and highly honored that she would suggest the idea to me. being in a semi-leadership position over those who are barely younger than me is somewhat intimidating, but as i thought about it more and talked about it with Munchkin later that night, i realized that i am in a good position to be a friend and role-model to high schoolers because i was so recently one of them; i remember what high school was like and can relate easily to the demands and stresses they are facing. While i'm not yet ready to fully commit, i will be attending more young life events with Freckles to see if this may be a good fit for me.

the ride from anderson to the chico area held even deeper blessings. as people often do during car rides, Freckles and i talked to each other, but as some people often forget, with intention of getting to know one another on a deeper level by asking meaningful questions about our stories and our lives. i quickly learned to love her even more than i already had, and i look forward to developing our friendship even more.

finally we arrived at the reception site where we were greeted by Mrs. Vader, Bro, Slider, Spike, Capo, Munchkin, and Tiger Lily. when i saw them i became so anxious and overwhelmed with excitement about finally seeing them after waiting for so long that i told Freckles that i didn't think i could handle getting out of the car. after greeting everyone individually ending with a long awaited hug from Tiger, i could feel myself shaking; so after Mrs. Vader and Tiger left i, in an effort to calm myself down, went to the bathroom, but...the lights weren't working so all the boys rushed to fix the lights while i sat on the floor next to Munchkin which helped me calm down more than being alone would have anyway.

that night while we protected the reception site, the boys and Freckles caught up outside while Munchkin and i had some quality one on one talk time. it was good to catch up with her and be loved by her in a tangible way. i missed her so much that just being near her was relieving.

the next morning, we made our way to Capo's house in chico to wait for the wedding at four. while the boys played video games, Munchkin took a shower, and Freckles went to lunch with Pondy people, i watched the movie accepted, which i thoroughly enjoyed.

Finally the time came for us to go to the wedding.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i'll start that tomorrow


i decided to try to get all of my homework done on friday before the wedding...so i woke up and went to class...then i decided that i should take a short break from school work before going to chapel so naturally i began a friendship bracelet...and that's where it all down hill

Sunday, September 19, 2010

new toms

a couple weeks ago a fabulous friend of mine informed me that she was going to send me some spending money; so, of course, the first thing i did was find an awesome pair of toms.

of course, once i had my heart set on them, the online store wouldn't allow me to order them. i wasn't going to give up that easily. i searched all over the internet for them but most sites simply linked back to the toms site. i was pretty dissappointed until Lexi came up with the best idea ever!

Lexi suggested that i buy a pair of white or cream toms and draw on them.

Lexi, being artistic, did most of the coloring.

Glori and Emily colored too, but i didn't get a picture of Emily.

i put words from my favorite e. e. cummings poem on them =]

Here they are done!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

this is one of my many silly adventures here at SimpsonU:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


last night, after spending most of the day studying, i decided that it was finally time for my new friends to hear my favorite study / dance song. i was unsure as to how they would react since it is kind of electronic and quirky, so i smirked quietly as i watched their faces react with curiosity as passion pit sang out "sleepyhead". when the song ended, there was a few seconds of silence before Lexi asked with a smile, "can we listen to that again?"

we listened to it for a second time, which was the first of a long string of repeats. they loved it! we danced to the song over and over again until Lexi thought of the best idea ever: we hooked my computer up to Glori's speakers and blasted the song out the open window to see how people walking by would react. a few people began to look around slightly confused before deciding to ignore it.

my favorite reaction, though, came from our SRD (student resident director) Marissa. as she walked by she heard the music and immediately found which room it was coming from only to see us dancing around like silly college girls. a huge "yes-those-girls-are-awesome" smile cracked her face as she nodded in approval.

i love college!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

read study snack laugh study read laugh snack laugh study sleep

college life...basically kind of awesome. i have always been that weird student who loves school and learning new things and would go to school for the rest of her life if she could afford it (though now i don't know if i would push it that far because i would miss having a real life too much...) or at least has always thought it would be awesome to live at school so i could study with my friends and hang out with them and learn along side them every step of the way...well welcome to college Marci

seriously it's great! i go to classes and here lectures, which aren't necessarily as exciting as i hoped they would be (i had high expectations for a few of my classes) but at least i have my friends who are willing to sit next to me and help me count down the minutes until we are released from the dungeon of bird trail after bird trail of random details about archeological digs that have nothing to do with what we are reading in the book...then after class we laugh together about how terrible it was. we study for a while then the time comes when we all kind of look at each other as though we know exactly what the others are thinking. it is at this point that we race down to the kitchen to melt butter to put on our air-popped popcorn made by trusty Clarence so we can eat it while we watch youtube videos of Anjela Johnson playing Bon Qui Qui in a Mad TV digital clip which we finish just before one of the RA's comes in to remind us that it is now quiet hours and we laugh a little too loud

speaking of RA's ours are wonderful. they stop to talk to us and give us hugs and ask us how our day is going and actually wait for a response. they leave their windows open while blasting their music so that i don't have to turn mine on. they constantly remind us that we are loved and encourage us not to jump out windows (this may need an explanation: Lexi likes to sit in the window sill a lot. well once she was up there and one of the guys' RA's yelled "Don't do it! Don't jump! You are loved!" it was pretty awesome) but seriously they have been so encouraging

i love it and can't wait to start a new week

Friday, September 10, 2010

thank God and Mrs. ten Pas

i almost cried in the middle of my first english class. i had never hated english before but by some black magic, commonly known as a monotone voice talking about how to proofread your papers, i suddenly found myself hating one of my normally favorite subjects. i couldn't believe that i was stuck taking a class that was the equivalent to a freshman level english class at my high school after i had worked so hard to pass AP English with Mrs. ten Pas. there was no way that i was going to let them overlook my accomplishments and make them worthless.

after class i determined to go to the registration office to ask for an appointment with an academic advisor who could help me get into a higher level english class. i had a speech prepared proving that the syllabus' goals about developing a thesis and drafting had been exceeded in my prior classes. i even brought my portfolio to let them read my work and determine for themselves if i deserved to be in this class. especially since i had passed two AP English tests which most colleges would count as credit.

i arrived at the desk and began explaining the situation as calmly as i could to the kind woman at the desk. she asked someone from the office behind her to come help me. when i told her that i had passed the AP tests she checked my transcripts and told me that i didn't need to take english at all. i dropped both english classes and added a World Civ class and a Faith and Culture theology class. this of course mixed up my whole schedule so that; instead of having three classes on monday, wednesday, and friday and two classes on tuesday and thursday, i now have four classes on tuesday and thursday and one class on monday, wednesday, and friday.

i was amazed at how kind and understanding both women were and how i didn't need to use my speech or my portfolio; God simply took care of it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

in-n-out makes friendships happen

college began with a large cup of excitement and a pound of stress. leaving practically straight from camp without my loans or books or job applications all figured out was not necessarily the best option. i was so stressed out, but once i got my loans all in order and my books bought and jobs applied for, the excitement of moving in and making friends began.

i quickly became friends with three girls from the second floor. it all started with a brief meeting at the beginning of summer at Mount Hermon. Freckles had introduced me to a girl named Lexi who was also going to be a freshman at Simpson. Since Freckles is an FYE coordinator she made sure that Lexi and i were in the same FYE Group (First Year Experience small group). it was through Lexi that i met two of her roommates Glori and Emily. They absolutely rock and we fit together as a group of friends pretty well.

the first activity they had for us was a square dance in the parking lot. i had a lot of fun dancing with other freshmen, transfers, and leadership students. not only did they have dancing but they also offered games such as four-square and golf ball toss. after the game, Freckles informed me that i was going to in-n-out with her. Lexi, Glori, and Emily came too and we had a great time of laughing and fellowshipping with one another. While we sat at a table outside, one of the FYE leaders began to introduce us to a sophomore named David calling him the most eligible bachelor with the best abs. it was pretty funny especially since we were oddly tired. now we're always together :)

i and am and cold

loaded the car and wrote a note.
i packed my bags and grabbed my coat.
i've told the ones who need to know.
i am heading north.

three pillows and a new backpack.
i definitely paid too much for that.
i lost the receipt can't take it back.
it can never be returned.

ah simpson, simpson, here i come.
i miss the weather at Mount Hermon.
it's freakin' hot in the redding sun.
ah, simpson, simpson, here i come.

when at first i came to you
i'd turn on a fan at night
i'd open a window and use one sheet
but it was a waste of time
yeah it was all a waste of time

to my room i've got stairs to climb
three stories completly unsiblime
i've only collapsed a couple times
when i awake, i'm fine

ah simpson, simpson, here i come.
i miss the weather at Mount Hermon.
it's freakin' hot in the redding sun.
ah, simpson, simpson, here i come.

three words that became hard to say
i and am and cold
should i bring a sweater today?
no i never ever need you

ah simpson, simpson, here i come.
i miss the weather at Mount Hermon.
it's freakin' hot in the redding sun.
ah, simpson, simpson, here i come.

ah simpson, simpson, here i come.
i miss the weather at Mount Hermon.
it's freakin' hot in the Redding sun.
ah, simpson, simpson, here i come.

lethargic and paralized by heat
sweat makes it hard to smell so sweet
tank tops and shorts on all you meet
all students dress the same

three words that became hard to say
i and am and cold
i and am and cold
i and am and cold

mexican babies

the week at pondy seemed to last forever especially because i was constantly waiting for Hispanic Family Camp Weekend. why? you might ask. simply because Mexican babies (aka children of all ages) are the most adorable creatures in the entire universe and Tiger Lily, Capo, and Sprout were coming back.

all day friday, i kept reminding myself, and ultimately everyone around me, that TL, Capo, and Sprout were coming. even after Sprout arrived i continued to count down 'til Tiger and Capo were to return. my excitement of course put me in a vulnerable situation for friendly teasing primarily from Slider and Munchkin. they continually told me that TL and Capo had gotten in a car accident and weren't coming or they decided that they didn't want to see me to they turned around. i knew they were kidding; therefore, their teasing didn't hurt but rather made the wait more unbearable.

as we were waiting, we worked the registration table. while there, a family came to us uncertain of how to sign up and where they should sign their children up and whether there was a youth program or not. unfortunately, they spoke very little english so we couldn't help answer their questions...or so we thought. suddenly a voice behind me began spewing spanish as though she had been speaking it her whole life. apparently Sprout was a spanish major in college.

finally Tiger and Capo arrived and i (being the youngest and most excitable of our staff) ran out to meet them at their car. i'm pretty sure they found this slightly annoying but i don't care because i had been waiting what seemed like ages simply to see them again.

the kids were absolutely adorable as well as cooperative and obedient. i had a group of three 1st-3rd grade girls that were completely wonderful.

pondy cabins

the week we spent at pondy seemed unnaturally long. out of rebellion and lack of wanting to wake up early just to put a swimsuit on before heading down the mountain for work, we spent the the first two nights of the work week at Day Camp so all we would have to do is wake up five minutes before our meeting. this was nice but we decided to go back to the cabin for the rest of the week.

because it was so hot inside the cabins, Nemo, Munchkin, Pineapple and i slept outside on the porch. this seemed like the perfect idea until one fateful night. we were all outside lying on the mattresses and watching a walk to remember when we saw him - the largest raccoon i had ever seen was digging in the garbage can about 30ft away. we thought to ourselves as long as we don't move he won't see us, which for the most part was true there was just one problem...we all needed to get inside to take out our contacts or brush our teeth or put in our retainers and we couldn't leave Munchkin (who of course was already asleep) to the mercy of the giant beast. i decided to sacrifice myself to the protection of Munchkin so while the other two ladies went inside to get ready for bed i stayed with the sleeping Munch and stared at the beast. after a short while of staring, he slowly turned his gaze as though he had felt my eyes on his back. i froze. no longer was i unnoticed. the beast slowly climbed down from the garbage can and began to walk toward me and my sleeping friend. i winced in my heart but dared not move. i thought he was going to charge us at any minute, but instead he turned and left. Nemo and Pineapple came back out and i went in to take my contacts out and when i arrived back on the porch he was still gone. i guess my stare scared is intimidating after all. ;)

a full day with my dear friend

after chinese week, we found out that our dorm rooms had been given to the salvation army conferees for the following week and we were being moved up to pondy cabins. this was a very unhappy day indeed. we packed our bags and put our things into vans to be hauled up the mountain. although the move was very inconvenient the change turned into a blessing (at least for me). staying with the Child Care girls and Munchkin and Tiger Lily gave me a chance to get to know them better.

the first morning in the cabin, when i awoke, i heard Tiger Lily texting her mom on the bunk beneath me; so i stuck my head over the edge and asked if i could come down there. we laid in bed for a little while talking with our voices low until Munchkin came and tackled us shoving her tiny little body in the space between TL and me. we continued to lie there for a while until Munchkin needed to get ready to go to Monterrey with Capo.

since Tiger and i didn't know what anyone else was doing, we decided to go down to lunch then up to Joe and Heidi's house to relax for a while. when we arrived, she introduced me to the wonderful hammocks in the back most part of their back yard. as we lay there we tried to think of something fun to do, but nothing came to mind.

after a while of lying around inside and outside, i suggested that we walk to cvs and hang out at the park down the street. we walked down, purchased some dibbs and pringles, and sat in the park simply talking and enjoying one another's company. on the way home i told her that that was something i had been wanting to do all summer and i was glad that i got to do it with her.

when we arrived back at camp, we picked up Nova's wedding invitations, ate dinner then headed off to Tiger Lily's family group. it was here that i learned how to make the best s'more ever: instead of chocolate you use reese's peanut butter cups. it was divine! i also found out that her "parents" were from my home town and they knew a few people that i knew from home, which was really cool. they were amazing people; not only did they welcome me in, but they also asked meaningful questions in order to get to know me personally. they found out more about me in one hour than most of my staff had found out in three months simply because they cared.

the whole day was one of relaxation and good fellowship with my dear friend T Lily :)

1st and 2nd redemption

i hadn't had first and second graders since my week with my dramatic girls. the truth is i was nervous of getting another awful group, but Munchkin kept telling me that i needed to let them redeem themselves. finally i gave in...during the most hectic week of the summer...

during chinese week, we have evening session from 7pm to 9:30pm, which means that we have two activities as well as a small group session at night. i was so excited because this meant that i would have the opportunity to get to know my campers that much better. the first morning came around and i saw all the asian babies and thought i am so glad i'm with first and second. that thought didn't last long. we split into groups and started playing the name game. as i looked around at the other groups sitting quietly listening to their counselors while mine ran around yelling, i realized that it had happened again: i had the crazy group.

that afternoon, i almost cried because i was so frustrated with they inattentiveness during Bible Study and activities. Munchkin reminded me that i needed to change the way i handle things to fit first and second grade not third and fourth or fifth and sixth like i was used to. that night i found out that they loved ninjas so the next day we sneaked to our Bible Study spots so that the spies wouldn't find us. i also told them that i received special messages from Munchkin through my watch and if they paid attention to the story, she would send us a secret message. this worked great and they cooperated so well that i began to have fun with them.

also that week i had a little autistic boy in my group whose one-on-one's name was Paul. Paul was a pondy counselor on rotation at conference center. he was a big football built guy with a lip ring, but seeing the connection he had with the little boy was beautiful. neither of them talked much to each other, but they had a mutual understanding and connection of love. he was by far one of the best one-on-ones i had ever seen besides Spike. i was so grateful for him and the encouragement he brought me without even knowing it.

after this week i decided that i loved first and second grade again.

Monday, September 6, 2010

the first to leave

family camp week nine went by so fast. i remember having a great group of fifth and sixth grade girls who were super into the Bible Study and asked meaningful questions and got excited when the story lent itself to be exciting. in fact, because they wanted me to finish the story so badly, i told them the end of the story on thursday and read The Giving Tree to them on friday. they had a great discussion about how the tree resembled God and His unconditional love.

also during that week, i spent my wednesday with Riff, Yuke, Sprinkles, and Parsnip picking black berries and making black berry apple pie. it was divine! we had such a good time climbing over fences and trying to lean as far as we could into the bush without completely losing balance and falling in. after we baked the pie we needed to let it sit for a while; so Riff, Yuke, and i went to in-n-out to eat. it was both of their last wednesday at camp so it was really awesome to spend so much time with them.

this week we also had the privilege of having Sprout as part of our Day Camp Team. the amount of energy and fun that she brought amazed me. in skits she was a pro; she would get into character the moment the kids saw her and she stayed in character until they could see her no longer. her characters were incredible too because she truly created someone else; so much so that i never saw her acting on the stage, instead i saw a completely new person with her own personality and her own story. i hope someday i can be like her in that regard.

this week also brought Breck's beautiful girlfriend Kelsey home to meet us. she was wonderful! i thought at first that it might be hard for her to interact with the kids rather than Breck when she hadn't seen him in quite a while, but the kids loved her. already by the first morning she had a little redheaded shadow following her around.

after Kelsey arrived, i had the opportunity to go to panda express with Breck, Capo, Kelsey, and Munchkin. it was kind of funny because it was as though the little sister was tagging along on her brother's double date, but i didn't feel awkward at all. i decided that i really liked Kelsey because she's funny and accepting and Breck loves her.

that saturday, Breck, Riff, and Yuke said goodbye. before Riff and Yuke left, we went out to breakfast with Tiger Lily, Parsnip, and Kona. the food was good and it was nice to fellowship with them one last time. when Yuke had gone, Tiger and i simply sat on a bench outside and talked for a few hours. i love those times with T Lily when we talk about whatever comes to mind or simply sit in each other's presence with complete trust. it was the marking of the first of our family to leave

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a night in paris

saturday before the guys' night, my friends came to visit for the day. we had a relaxing time shopping downtown and going to the beach. when we arrived back at camp, Christina styled my hair for the summer staff banquet.

we all waited outside with anticipation wondering what the theme possibly could be while a funny looking man with a purple face and black mustache played the accordion. finally Joe and Chaffer arrived on parisian bicycles and ushered us into a night in paris. the decorations were phenomenal. the lights shined low on the black and white table clothes and place mats. at the front of the room sat a parisian street with a live jazz band! they had prepared a lovely staff video and a fun competition for our entertainment. not to mention the food was exquisite!

following the dinner, Rachel, Briannah, Putt Putt, Cherri and i went to a dance party hosted by pondy where we rocked out for a while before heading to the sand wall. there we carved our names into the wall and took pictures. from there our adventures took us to Ferrell's Doughnuts.

all in all the night was a success :)

guys' night

this last month has been full of craziness and kids and learning and fun, i don't even know where to begin.

one of the main events that i participated in this month was the day camp guys appreciation night. we created a "euro trip" for them starting in spain/ mexico. for this portion of the night, Tiger Lily, Munchkin and i worked together to transform cascade B into an exciting happy hour fiesta complete with toquitos, seven layer bean dip, horchata, samba music, a batman pinata, and an explosion of red, yellow, and green streamers. from there, we "flew" them to italy in Joe and Heidi's backyard, where three other girls took the boys pizza orders while treating them to italian sodas and garlic bread. during the meal, we each took time to affirm one of the guys on our staff with poems, acronyms, or little paragraphs to let them know that we appreciate and respect them. finally the trip ended in france, where chocolate fondue and homemade ice-cream awaited the already stuffed sojourners. overall the night was filled with food and fellowship galore.

preparing for the event was most of the fun. Tiger Lily, Munchkin, and i thoroughly enjoyed planing and shopping and decorating together. we were all on the same page which made planing seamless and fun. we painted signs with sombraros, maroccas, and corona on them. from two lanterns placed on either end of the room, we hung streamers going out to four corners; then in the center of the room we hung Bartholomew the dinosaur pinata from whom we streamed as many streamers as possible to either wall allowing the ends to form a hanging fringe. we continued to cut the remainder of the streamers into short pieces to scatter along the sides of the room on the floor as well as to create a fringe hanging in the doorway. from the moment the doors were opened, everything was red, yellow, and green. it was perfect (or as Munch would say "perf.")