Friday, December 31, 2010

three weeks; eleven documentaries

recently, i have developed a new love for documentaries...i used to think that they were boring especially since we had to watch them in history classes all the time, but it turns out that not all documentaries are black and white films about war narrated by monotone voices (if they can be called that); some can be quite interesting.

it all started when Leeza and i literally had nothing better to do. now Leeza had already discovered this new realm of entertainment and lured me in with an intriguing film about a young french tight rope walker who decided to walk across the twin towers when they were first built. the documentary recorded his story of love, fear, and determination in such a stressfully captivating way that when we stopped midway for a dinner break, i could not stop wondering about how the story would end. we never did finish man on wire that night because the next day we all went away for christmas break.

during break, i found myself scouring netflix for interesting documentaries leaving myself with a list eleven films long. now i stay up late watching documentaries such as food matters, september issue, and the business of being born. i can't help it really; i mean, how can you blame me for choosing to watch interesting, informative films when i'm cooped up in a quite house with no where to go and nothing to do?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas in the city

there's no where as crowded as san francisco during christmas (or at least no where that i visit). people hustle about trying to squirm their way through the groups of people who crowded the sidewalk in order to catch a glimpse of the macy's windows adorned with pines, presents, and puppies. there are lights on all the buildings and trees in every square. ice-skaters try not to slip as they scoot cautiously around the edge of the ice rinks in union square and embarcadero. people talking and laughing as they stumble into others who are doing the same; neither paying any attention as to where they are walking. red sweaters and green scarves; warm mittens and fuzzy hats; sparkling eyes and rosy noses all told us that the christmas season had arrived. my heart, i felt as though christmas had come and though someone had simply left the decorations up a bit longer holding on to the last fragrance of yuletide before new years arrived.


Thursday, December 23, 2010


christmas at simpson continued on past the decorations and into parties and gift exchanges. i have never enjoyed this season as much as i have this year. there was more exhilaration in giving, more thought in preparing, and more freedom in creating felt like home...

in the last four months, i've felt more consistently loved than i have ever felt before. i am continually reminded that i belong here, that i am wanted here in the simpson community, in the irwin community...even in the stress of finals, there was a communal sense of love and appreciation for each other as sisters. so much so, that now as i sit in a room in my aunt and uncle's house that i used to call mine, i feel...homesick...

i have felt this heartache only a few times before...the loss of missing specific people, specific communities; even recently with the transition from day camp to simpson, which was difficult at first, as is any major transition. i needed someone who knew my heart, with whom i could talk things through with out being judged because she understood where i was coming from, but i didn't have that right away, so of course it was difficult...but some how it wasn't the same...or was               i don't know -

is it possible to have more than one home? ...
... is it possible to feel as though the places you grew up never nourished you enough to be worthy of the "home" title? if so, then what is home..? what does it mean? is it simply a place where one lives? a place where family resides? - who makes up a family? are biological relatives to be considered a family simply because they share the same genes? what if a different community is more loyal, more loving, more nourishing? should they be considered your family?

              i don't know...

but i do know:

home is where you feel loved simply by being in the presence of those who understand your heart
home is where others pour into you everyday with encouragement so that you are built up to do more great things
home is where it's safe to be who you are and share your emotions without being scared of judgement
home is where others notice and appreciate your qualities
home is where people differentiate between your "i'm fine" and "i'm fine"
home is where your heart explodes with joy because finally, finally ... you. are where. you. belong

no whiteboard = no problem

twas the night before christmas,
when all through the dorm
two residents were sneaking
and caused quite a storm.

leeza slept quietly
tucked in her bed
while amy and marci
hung snow over head

then somewhere outside
with a bang! and a smash!
came a giant snowman
with a warm, crocheted sash.

amy and marci
didn't what to do;
so they woke leeza up
and gave her a shoe.

now leeza, so sleepy
could barely think
but she crawled out of bed
and gave them a wink

"don't worry a bit.
he's friendly indeed;
just give him a cookie;
your fright will recede."

"oh leeza!" they said,
for their fear was quite gone;
"let's bake him some cookies
before he is gone!"

so they baked and they baked
the whole night through
'til he ate them all up
and loved them, it's true.

then marci and amy
gave leeza a hug;
sent her back into bed
and tucked her in snug

they tiptoed back to their
rooms oh so warm
to dream up some dreams
about their favorite dorm

but before they could sleep
they heard Snowman exclaim
"these cookies are fabulous,
they could bring fame!"

then the snowman waved
as he walked out of sight
And he yelled "merry christmas,
and to all a good night!"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

leeza's whiteboard poem

Dear Leezy Weezy Sheezy Speezy Leezy...yay, that was fun.
no really a ton!
you're out eating sushi,
which we think is mushi.
there are no RAs here,
the coast is clear,
so we're gonna scream like banshees
in only our panties.
we'll light up a candle,
we hope you can handle
all that we do tonight.

we're sad you're not here,
the dark we do fear;
our wishes for you to be back are sincere.
we're gonna go bake,
lots of yummy confetti cake.
we'll watch movies and cry,
but when you get back here they'll dry,
and we'll party hardy tonight.

you missed out on a lot,
but we'll save you a spot...
...on the couch...?...
we give up!

♥ marci and amy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the night it snowed

have you ever had those days that are just great even though nothing spectacular happened...? you know, those days where all feels right with the world...? that's what happened the night it snowed...

the Christmas season has arrived at Simpson University. rosy cheeks smile brightly out from behind tightly wrapped scarves; Christmas music is heard from every dorm; but the best indications of the Christmas season are the decorations. snowmen, penguins, lights, nativity scenes, and my personal favorite snowflakes, which is slightly ironic since i don't care much for snow...

i decorated my room with snowflakes and ornaments hanging from the ceiling...

and during study break, Amy and i decided that it would be fun to hang snowflakes from the ceiling on our floor...

we stayed up a little late...and when i'm up a little late, i start to get a little hyper...after creating twenty some odd snowflakes Amy and i thought it would be fun to make it snow on Jen Stevens while she "desked," so we waited for her to come back from making her "rounds" and started dropping the snowflakes two-ish at a time on her until they were all gone. when we went down to pick the freshly fallen snow up, Jen decided to "write me up"

after writing me up, she talked Amy and i into letting her keep three of the snowflakes, but as soon as she went into her room, we sneaked back down the stair and stole them leaving a note that said "We Win <3" ...we gave them back of course =D

all in all it was a simply wonderful night