Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leeza's last hours as a teenager aka. most epic study break ever

i'm sitting in my room with my window and door open to create the most efficient wind tunnel through my half of the room while working on my faith and culture project that was taking much more time than necessary when i hear about twenty people singing "party in the usa" in my living room...naturally i walk outside to see what is going on only to be accosted by a nerf dart to the head. before i knew what was going on, Leeza had handed me a nerf gun and i was chasing (and being chased by) my roommate Nicole all around the hole in our living room floor. after dodging and ducking and dashing out of the way of flying missiles for a good amount of time, we were unfortunately out of ammo. by the time we collected all the darts to refill, Jen Irwin had become a human target standing in the middle of the second floor living room. it didn't take long for her to come join the rest of us upstairs which consisted of Nicole, Leeza, Wendy, and me. (what i had earlier thought was twenty people singing actually turned out to be just Wendy and Leeza). after a half an hour we began to calm down a bit realizing that the imminent quiet hours were drawing closer and closer towards us.

Leeza hadn't eaten dinner yet; so i procrastinated my project further by accompanying her to winco. when we arrived back home we realized that it was only an hour and a half until her birthday. so while i worked on my project, i set my alarm for two minutes before twelve; so i could be the first to wish her a happy birthday in person. :)

ten minutes later, i finally finished my project only to realize that i had a world civ test still to study for... so i joined a few of my friends in the surprisingly full student lounge to study and eat taco bell (we did more eating than studying) which of course ended in this video:


Monday, November 15, 2010

two years of victory - yea, Jesus!

two years ago i had one of the most important conversations in my life. though i no longer remember all of the details of the conversation itself, the results of it are still evident in my life today.

during the month that proceeded the conversation, i had struggled with post traumatic stressed disorder and severe depression with which i didn't know how to cope; therefore, i had begun to harm myself as a way of coping with the emotional pain. on november 14th, 2008, after the afore mentioned conversation, i decided to stop...it wasn't easy...in fact, it was one of the hardest struggles i've faced since i was nine years old, but it was a necessary struggle for which i am very grateful.

thank Jesus for two years of victory!

Monday, November 8, 2010

spontaneity makes good weekends GREAT

so it's after church and we're hanging around talking with nothing really to do when Eva mentions that she's going to Chico to go shopping...WHAT!?!?! Emily and i looked at each other and both asked "do you have room in your car!?!??" she was unsure since she was going with two other people but we still had hope, but when we arrived back on campus we found out that the driver might have to bail; he said it might be an hour before he knew for sure whether or not we could go. naturally, Emily and i started getting our crochet gear ready to wait out the hour. just as we were about to sit down Eva and Sorcha run in yelling "let's go to Chico!" hurriedly we grabbed our coats and purses and headed for the car. during the car ride it dawned on me, "my brother lives in Chico!" so i called him up. YEA! he was free =D so when we arrived in the wonderful land of Chico with better stores and more things to do than Redding, we met up with Capo and, after grabbing some coffee from the naked lounge , which in fact had no naked people in it, and visiting the national yoyo museum, we headed to the mall.

Sorcha and Eva were on a mission to buy Dustin some new clothes and Emily was interested in looking around at boots and scarves...so after spending a good amount of time in forever 21 Capo and i decided to take a walk to catch up. it was great to see him and hang out. after a little while, though, he needed to leave and the mall started closing and we started getting hungry. i was ready to grab some food and head home, which we did...at least...the grabbing food part.

the night before, Sorcha and Eva had gone to dinner with six other girls at the home of a family who supports Simpson in prayer. while there, they met some really nice guys who also happened to live in Chico. apparently, they had told them that if they were ever in Chico they'd visit them...so we did. they were really nice and kind of nerdy so it was fun hanging out with them, but by 9:40 we were ready to leave.

we searched for starbucks for a little while...didn't find one...and after going on the freeway, changing our minds an coming back off the freeway a few times, we stopped for gas finally leaving Chico a little past 10

all the way home we had good conversations getting to know each other well. then when we came to anderson we stopped at a sonic =D all in all great day!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

breakfast at midnight

breakfast is a wonderful meal. it gives you energy to start the day and it simply tastes good. it tastes even better when it's free... at midnight...YES!

it's true. the whole campus last night stayed up until midnight (which didn't take much work since most of us would be awake anyway) and filing into the caf to eat french toast sticks, hash brown patties, bacon, and eggs the food that we normally complain about suddenly tasted so much better...it also seemed to give us more energy than normal...

before breakfast i had been diligently working on my busy work homework for my biblical backgrounds class, but after breakfast i was too energized to continue working on meaningless summaries that never get tested on or even read by my professor. instead Glori and i sat in the lobby until 3 in the morning watching youtube videos and practicing hip hop moves...

breakfast at midnight = success

crazies come out at night

halloween is the oddest of holidays; people dress up as the crazy freaky people that we all avoid during the rest of the year or as super heroes that we all wish existed but are too proud to admit it. we strive to scare everyone who comes in our path and we ourselves seek out situations in which to be scared. we teach our children not to take candy from strangers but one day a year we take our kids door to door threatening to do a trick if strangers don't give us candy. what an odd day, but i love it. i love dressing up and seeing all the little robots, ladybugs, and tinker-bells. i love hearing the singsong "trick-or-treat" from the high pitched voices of elementary school children. i love getting free candy that i and my friends eat every night for weeks in order to give us just the sugar high we need to stay awake in order to finish all of the homework we left to start until ten at night because we knew we had the candy to keep us awake. this halloween was the best so far. maybe it was because i'm in college and was able to actually go out and do something, maybe it's because i went to two halloween parties therefore was able to dress as two different characters, maybe it's because i was able to go "trick-or-treating" and dancing in the same night, or maybe it's because someone said i dance like a gangster...

irwin's 2nd floor halloween party

halloween trick-or-treating

after the dance party

justin bieber's #1 fans

Monday, November 1, 2010

Glori's birthday kidnapping

Glori's birthday arrived faster than we had anticipated. suddenly it was the night before and we needed to come up with something amazing. we had thrown a couple of ideas around for a few weeks so we had a pretty good idea that we were going to kidnap her and take her somewhere then once we came back and she was sleeping we were going to decorate the room...but how would this all play out...

earlier that day Glori informed us that she would be attending a Jazz concert at shasta college and wouldn't be back until nine at which point she would have to report to drama practice until eleven. she was pretty bummed about the practice, but it was perfect for us. as soon as she left we began devising and scheming; scheming and devising.

first we decided to go to winco for supplies. we bought streamers, silly bands, martinelis sparkling cider, dark chocolate, kit-kats, and to top it all off a piƱata. then we went to walmart and bought a tiara and HSM curtains for her window. we were set.

we then hurried back to the room only to wait for Glori's return. at exactly 11:50pm Emily left the room to wait for the rest of us. sequentially Lexi and i made excuses to leave the room only to join Emily up in my room where we had hidden away our ninja clothes. we dressed quickly then rushed into the room screaming and yelling as all ninjas do and as we blindfolded Glori we took her out the door and into the parking lot where she was shoved (gently) into a car and driven around campus for a while. meanwhile, Adrianna and i hurriedly decorated the room with streamers and the pinata. I left to rejoin the others while Adriana polished the room with the final touches.

the car slowed down and i jumped in the back next to a confused Glori, who didn't realize that i wasn't with them in the first place, before we journeyed off to Denny's. we had such a wonderful time eating and fellowshipping, but the night wasn't over yet.

we took her back to the fully decorated room where goodies awaited her. before bringing in the cake from the kitchen we decided to put in the candles and light them up. it wasn't until after she blew them out when we remembered we weren't supposed to have candles in our rooms. hurriedly i ordered "Open the window!" and held the cake and smoking candles outside while the other girls blew on the fire extinguisher to make sure it didn't go off. we then toasted with the cider.

all in all a great day!