Monday, May 3, 2010

Peet's v. Starbucks

Because a Peet's Coffee and Tea is located near my school and many of the respected teachers here drink Peet's, there is a running feud between the hard core Peet's coffee drinkers and the sugar addicted Starbucks drinkers (notice I didn't say Starbucks coffee drinkers because Starbucks doesn't deserve to be called coffee). Recently, my friend Michelle, who avidly drinks Starbucks (it's alright I love her anyway), needed to create a power point in Spanish about a corporation, so I convinced her to focus on Peet's Coffee and Tea. Through her assignment we discovered that Starbucks and Peet's used to work together until Starbucks broke off and became more popular (because the world wasn't ready for the gift of Peet's yet and didn't know what it was doing by consuming the sugary mud water that is Starbucks). I used to drink Starbucks when I was a young naive little child, but my eyes are now fully open to the wonders of Peet's. Those of you who haven't switched over yet; don't worry your time will come.

One thing that's really cool about Peet's is that they give back to the communities where their coffee is grown by donating to organizations that build schools for children in those areas. Their coffee is really great and I'm going to miss it terribly in college. ;)