Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Was This BIG!!!

One night during our week of staff training, a handful of us counselors decided to hangout in the frontier Dinning Room. To pass time, we watched Youtube videos. We started with silly videos like “Simon’s Cat,” “Billy’s Balloon,” and “The Llama Song,” but we were soon watching prank videos such as “Scary Car Commercial,” “Brittany Spears Scared to Death,” and “Very Scared Kid.” Around eleven thirty or so, Zandra and I decided that we should go to bed and began to make our way back to the lodge where we were…well…lodging. Naturally, we had to walk on this narrow trail that wasn’t lit very well, and I was a tad bit paranoid that Buddies (one of the other counselors) was going to jump out from behind a tree. After a short while, I began to relax; unfortunately at that same time, Zandra and I both heard a peculiar scratching-crunching-rustling sound coming from the left. Just as we turned our heads toward the noise, the trashcan vomited a giant tornado of fur. Disregarding the dreams of our fellow staff members that we would be interrupting, Zandra and I screamed and ran toward the lodge. Once we stood safely on the deck with Pete and Kyra (two other counselors), we let our minds comprehend what we had just encountered and realized that we had been scared by a cute, little squirrel.