Monday, September 7, 2009

Forty Dollars from God

This weekend, Kaylee and I volunteered at Wolf Mountain’s Labor Day Family Camp Weekend. We had such a great time. The families there were all so kind and the speaker was challenging. He spoke about our identity in Christ and how we died with Christ and have been raised in His resurrection to keep our mind on things above and what that looks like in the family setting.

Personally, I was most encouraged by my fellow staff members who opened their arms to me once again and loved me. I always look forward to going to Wolf Mountain and working along side such wonderful people.

On the way back to my town from Wolf Mountain, we (Kaylee, her mom, and I) needed to use the restroom so we pulled off the freeway into a little gas station, but Kaylee requested that we go to the store across the street instead because she hates going to the bathroom at gas stations. The store was called Nugget Market and was, in the words of Kaylee’s mother, “A hoydee toydee” store.

After we had relieved ourselves, Kaylee and I went to the soda isle to see what they had while her mother went to find sunflower seeds. The sodas were all so expensive, so naturally, Kaylee and I began to act silly and complain about the sodas and the water and the chips being so expensive. We kept saying, “It snot worth it. It snot good anyway. Let’s get the cheap water.” A lady, who was also in the soda isle, saw us and started giggling. “Oh sorry,” I apologized for our silliness, but the lady proceeded to pull two twenty-dollar bills from her purse and shove them into our hands. “Don’t get the cheap water,” she said. “It sounds like you’re buying toilet water. Here buy yourselves the Fiji water; it’s the best.” We tried to object, but she wouldn’t let us. By this point Kaylee’s mom was in the isle and her mouth and dropped open as the kind lady continued down the isle. We each grabbed a drink and Classic BBQ Kettle chips before heading to the check out. Kaylee’s mom insisted that we keep our newly acquired money as she paid for our snacks saying that the money was a gift from God for our hard work this weekend.

I still can’t believe it happened. I wonder if that woman realizes how much she blessed us today.